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Oelmann Elektronik GmbH is a German company developing and manufacturing products and solutions for professional telecommunications.

We specialize in the development, manufacture, supplies and maintenance of systems and equipment of professional mobile communications, including turn−key and a custom−made solutions, worldwide.



Manufacturing of genuine and OEM telecommunications equipment

  • Pagers POCSAG, GSM, TETRA, WiFi
  • Smartphones POCSAG
  • POCSAG-IP base stations, repeaters and software for paging systems
  • Digital and analogue trunked radio systems and custom equipment DMR, TETRA, MPT1327
  • POCSAG wireless information displays
  • German BOS radio alarm systems and components
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Complete portfolio of telecommunications solutions of any level

  • Digital paging and messaging POCSAG, GSM, TETRA, WiFi
  • Digital and analog professional mobile systems DMR, TETRA, MPT1327
  • Custom and special telecommunications solutions
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Design, supplies and implementation of the wireless communications equipment and networks

  • Design, supply, installation and maintenance of the professional mobile radio or paging communications systems, radio modems, terminals and pagers
  • Update PMR or paging systems up to the current level of technology
  • Supplies of the high quality RF base stations components
  • Supplies of the mobile masts and equipment for mobile communications centers
  • Supplies of the microwave and fiber optic intersite equipment supplies
  • Training partners, customers and end−users
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Special services

Special services

Research and development of products and solutions for special and custom tasks

  • Research and development in the field of RF, POCSAG, TETRA, DMR, MPT1327, GSM, LTE, WLAN, BLE, RFID
  • System gateways and IP-audio solutions
  • Embedded systems and applications
  • Inductive beacons and detectors
  • Custom hardware, software, firmware and DSP programming
  • Production of samples or small series of the custom devices
  • PCB layouts for RF devices considering EMC aspects
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