Oelmann Elektronik: TB−400 Series, the professional mobile radio communication system

TB—400 System, pdf

TB−400 Series is a complete set of base stations, switches and workstations for the construction of radio communications networks at any level.

Professional equipment with modular, unified design, operational and maintenance centre, dispatching, paging, power supply subsystem, highest quality RF front end, TB−400 is to be tailored to meet individual or a special requirements, for the new or extension of existing, or for replacement of any radio communication systems.

High−reliable network infrastructure:
  • DMR TII / TIII, P25, TETRA, MPT1327, mixed configurations possible
  • Base stations, switches, remote and dispatch consoles, active paging**
  • Stationary indoor or outdoor, transportable rack versions
  • Network or standalone trunking mode, fall-back
  • Built−in synchronous broadcasting (simulcast*)
  • Built−in monitoring and alarming, AVL
Flexibility in configuring any network:
  • Connection to existing communication systems with fixed numbering scheme
  • Compatibility with the most of the existing systems frequency plans
  • Secure calls by digital coding, both signalling and voice
  • Logging / recording call sessions
  • PABX connection
  • POCSAG messaging*
  • LTE connection**


All ACCESSNET−MPT interface cards such as PIA 400/450, PIA 402, PID 420 and MMX-8, -16, 24...64 processor modules are available.

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