Oelmann Elektronik: The Messenger

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The Messenger is a two-way pager designed for fast and accurate delivery of messages and signalling among professional mobile users in industry, safety and healthcare

  • Intended to work in the TETRA digital radio networks*, Viper Series TETRA pager from Oelmann offers a highly reliable and fast way to deliver messages and alarm signals directly to the mobile users, groups and services, with delivery confirmation and feedback.
  • Based on a uniform design, an options are: clear or with TEAx encryption, with built−in GPS receiver and man−down sensor
  • Extremely fast alert transmission and active feedback of available personnel lead to an effective resource planning enabling units to the fastest first response
  • Loud alerting, high−quality clear voice instructions and customisable signal tones for various operational scenarios and languages
  • All the necessary accessories, such as replacement standard or high−capacity lithium−ion rechargeable batteries, portable and desktop chargers, leather cases with KlickFast belt clips are available


  • Works in any TETRA networks*
  • Active acknowledgement / TxI mode for RF-sensitive areas, programmable
  • Programmable menu layout
  • Shortest response times / net−wide availability
  • Emergency alert
  • Integrated GPS receiver**
  • Lone worker mode / man−down sensor**
  • Customisable announcements / alert pattern, any language
  • ATEX approved II 2G Ex ib IIC T4 Gb**

Technical data

  • TETRA 380...430 MHz
  • Static sensitivity −112 dBm
  • Dynamic sensitivity −103 dBm
  • 40 predefined acknowledgement messages, programmable
  • 240 characters per display page, max
  • Selectable text size
  • 1000 characters per message
  • 8 volume levels
  • 1 individual (ISSI) +1 group address (GSSI)
  • TEA1, TEA2, TEA3 encryption**
  • PIN and password code protection
  • Settings in non−volatile memory
  • Protocol Identifier (PID) configurable
  • Enhanced RF SA mode / TxI functionality
  • Real time clock with automatic switching of daylight saving time
  • Standard or Hi-capacity Li−Ion rechargeable battery
  • Programmable 24 bit RGB colour display backlight
  • Automatic backlight of incoming message
  • Emergency/alarm button, programmable
  • Timestamps for every message
  • High optimised antenna
  • Low voltage alarm
  • 92/57/24 mm, 160 g
  • −20 .. +55°C
  • IP54

** Selected models.

* Devices and built-in modules with the same paging features, but works over GSM/GPRS, WLAN, POCSAG are also available.

Viper TETRA pager, pdf

Viper WiFi pager, pdf

Viper POCSAG+ pager, pdf

LX2/LX4 POCSAG pagers, pdf

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