Oelmann Elektronik: SIRIUS, the modular paging, alarm and messaging system

SIRIUS is a complete digital system of servers and applications, gateways and modems to send and exchange of the messages and alarm signals

  • SIRIUS connects servers and workstations, modems and gateways, applications and pagers for the messaging over POCSAG, TETRA, WLAN, GSM/GPRS, IP / Ethernet in accordance with user requirements and functional specifications.
  • SIRIUS is a universal platform for the delivery and administration of messages in heterogeneous environments.
  • Due the modular design SIRIUS is open to additions with new devices and protocols.

The professional equipment with a unified design and flexibility

  • Highly reliable and fast way to deliver messages and alarms to users, groups and services
  • Built-in monitoring and alarming terminal, geolocation, binary data
  • High quality and optimised software gateways and radio modems
  • Industrial servers and workstations
  • VM-сompatible
  • Complies with all applicable standards:
    • TETRA, DMR TII/TIII*, MPT1327*, PMR*
    • POCSAG
    • GSM/GPRS
    • WLAN/IP
    • LTE*
  • PABX messaging*

ESPA serial interface, RFID tags, large information displays, sirens, spotlights and emergency buttons are available, as well as automation software modules.

Original portable pagers what works in any TETRA/POCSAG/GSM/WLAN network utilising standard services

  • Active acknowledgement
  • Shortest response time / net-wide availability
  • Integrated GPS receiver*
  • Emergency alert / lone worker*
  • ATEX approved II 2G Ex ib IIC T4 Gb*
  • Programmable menu layout
  • Customisable alert pattern, voice announcements in any language


Typical SIRIUS system diagram

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