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Oelmann Elektronik GmbH is a German company developing and manufacturing products and solutions for professional telecommunications.

We specialize in the development, manufacture, supplies and maintenance of systems and equipment of professional mobile voice and data communications, including turn−key and a custom−made solutions, worldwide.



Manufacturing of genuine and OEM professional telecommunications equipment

  • Pagers POCSAG, GSM, TETRA, WiFi.
  • Smartphones POCSAG / Inductive detectors.
  • POCSAG-IP base stations, repeaters and software for paging systems.
  • Digital and analogue trunked radio systems and custom equipment DMR, TETRA, MPT1327.
  • Wireless information displays.
  • German BOS radio alarm systems and components.
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Complete portfolio of telecommunications solutions of any level

  • Digital paging and messaging POCSAG, GSM, TETRA, WiFi.
  • Digital and analog professional mobile systems DMR, TETRA, MPT1327.
  • Custom and specialized telecommunications solutions.
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Design, supplies and implementation of the wireless communications equipment and networks

  • Design, supply, installation and maintenance of the professional mobile radio or paging communications systems, radio modems, terminals and pagers.
  • Update PMR or paging systems up to the current level of technology.
  • RF base stations components supplies.
  • Mobile masts and equipment for mobile communications centers supplies.
  • Microwave and fiber optic intersite equipment supplies.
  • Training partners, customers and end−users.
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Special services

Special services

Research and development of products and solutions for special and custom tasks

  • Research and development in the field of telecommunications in POCSAG, TETRA, DMR, MPT1327, GSM/LTE, WLAN, BT/BLE, RFID.
  • PMR gateways and IP-audio solutions.
  • Embedded systems and applications.
  • Inductive beacons and detectors.
  • Custom hardware, software, firmware and DSP programming.
  • Production of samples or small series of the custom devices.
  • PCB layouts for RF devices considering EMC aspects.
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