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Equipment for professional mobile communications

Oelmann Elektronik develop and manufacture equipment for professional mobile communication: custom-tailored base stations and switches, dispatcher and management consoles, control and automation modules, paging servers and gateways, professional pagers.

All developments are performed at our home location in Springe, Hannover area. Manufacturing is sub-divided in external and internal processes using qualified suppliers with close cooperation with selected partners.

Our products are:
  • Based on our own and joint development and solutions from the best and proven companies in the industry
  • Designed, assembled and tested on the basis of our experience and the latest trends
  • Tested in time and in practice
  • Used by governmental, corporate and public services, transport and utilities, safety and healthcare, by industrial and oil-and-gas customers



POCSAG pager LX2

Best portability and readability by proportional spacing and ultra–bright white backlight.

Available in different colors.


POCSAG pager LX4

Highly portable masterpiece for firefighters, personnel security and safety services, industry, healthcare, rescue or logistics.

RGB bright backlight, programmable.

Available in ATEX.


POCSAG pager LX8

The VIPER Series professional modular POCSAG pager for high operational reliability.

Available with the GSM/GPRS, GPS, Man–down, WiFi options.



Stationary pager with relay outputs, external antenna and communication port.


TETRA pager

Reliable and fast way to deliver data messages and status signalling to TETRA mobile users, groups and services, with delivery confirmation and feedback.

Available in ATEX.


WiFi pager

Fast and accurate delivery of wireless IP/UDP messages, signalling and alarms to the individual users or groups, in any WiFi network.

Smartphones with POCSAG / IOS beacon detectors built-in



Rugged, smart, professional full featured Android portable with POCSAG, IOS beacon decoder on board.



Full featured Android rugged portable with POCSAG, IOS beacon decoder on board.



Rugged and compact professional full featured Android portable with POCSAG, IOS beacon decoder on board.

SME Messenger Alarm app

SME Messenger Alarm app

The genuine Android app for professional alert on POCSAG message, for the smartphones of Oelmann SME Series.

Base stations, desktop consoles, gateways and complete systems POCSAG, TETRA, DMR, MPT1327


POCSAG PRS341 base station

Full featured modular POCSAG IP-base station.

Available as serial/ESPA, IP controlled base station, or as standalone POCSAG store–forward repeater.


TETRA TB–400T base station

Full featured TETRA IP-base station.

TB—400T may be self-contained system, or in sub-modules / add-ons for the existing system.

Available with LTE interconnection.

TB-400 DMR

DMR TB–400D base station

Modular, digital conventional or trunked, IP−connected high–reliable DMR Tier II / III voice and data digital communication network infrastructure.

TB-400 system

Complete mobile radio systems

Digital and analogue DMR, TETRA, MPT professional mobile radio systems and components, tailored to the customer requirements.

Any combinations and types of designs, including mobile options.

SIRIUS system

Complete digital paging systems

Full featured POCSAG digital paging base stations and software.

Optional connection to GSM, TETRA, DMR, WiFi.

IP, On-air* base stations connected.

* Oelmann SIRIUS protocol.


BT-190 desktop console

Desktop PC–less console TETRA, GSM, MPT1327, VoIP.

Direct to radio terminal or IP infrastructure connection.

TETRA Gateway

TETRA gateway

Connected to the TETRA radio or to the system infrastructure.

  • Genuine Oelmann 3HU 19" rack mounted cabinet.
  • Power supply with redundancy.
  • Access point PEI mode:
    Transciever module and one DVS-137 IP-channel cards.
  • Infrastructure connection:
    Up to 12 DVS-137 IP-channel cards, ACAPI.

Wireless information display GD263

Single- or multiline information display POCSAG, TETRA, GSM, WiFi, 5-Tonfolge, FMS (TR-BOS)

  • 20 chars 70mm height, 128x8px per one line
  • 1380x100x33mm one line device is a standard, up to 4 lines optional
  • Longer text can scroll, tick
  • Aluminium housing, IP40
  • Relays for remote-control operations
  • LAN, USB


Carriyng accessories

Carriyng accessories

Holsters, leather and nylon weatherproof cases with magnetic closure, simple belt loop or KlickFast system.

Desktop chargers


Travel or desktop chargers for all Oelmann pagers, with optional external antenna connector and relay contacts.



Professional charging storage rack for all Oelmann portables, with alarm relay contacts.

AC power supplies, wall–mount kit, power cables and chain-jumpers are available.

Modules, beacons, BOS and general radio system tools and software

IOS Beacon

Inductive beacon

Compact, simple, robust, inexpensive high quality inductive beacon.

Various on–air protocols, flexible power supply scheme, different antennas type, chainable.


Test and monitoring tools

All things for maintenance the POCSAG:

  • PS622 POCSAG portable transmitter
  • Various portable and stationary POCSAG on-air monitors and software


Software for setting up the parameters of our devices, for operational management of equipment and systems based on them.

PSW LX, SIRIUS/NAG Suite, SME Messenger app, TB–400 Maint.


German BOS components

Devices and interfaces to various subsystems that are part of the German BOS digital radio network.


Friedrich−Baehre Strasse 18
31832 Springe, Germany
Phone +49 5041 64884−0
FAX +49 5041 64884−190

  • Professional digital pagers POCSAG, TETRA, GSM, WiFi
  • Custom-tailored base stations, switches and complete systems TETRA, DMR, MPT1327, POCSAG
  • Dispatcher and management consoles
  • Paging servers and PMR gateways
  • Control and automation modules
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ZELM 12 ATEX 0499 X
  • TCCA
  • GOST-R
  • Minsvyazi RF

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